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Photoshop Basic Workshop (DE/EN)

Photoshop Basic Workshop (DE/EN)

Discover the art of photo editing in my exclusive Photoshop Basic Workshop. This workshop is specially designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to work effectively with Adobe Photoshop. From opening files to exporting for the desired final format - I cover all the basics! 12 hours filled with hands-on learning experiences!


Core understanding:

  • Tailor your workspace to your preferences and familiarize yourself with the indispensable tools that Photoshop offers.
  • Master the heart of Photoshop layers, by learning how to group, label, tag, and color-code them, paving your way to organized and efficient editing.
  • Uncover the essentials of image properties ensuring your creations are primed for both digital and print forms.
  • Explore the Adjustment palette and understand the significance of non-destructive editing, a cornerstone in professional image editing.


Practical hands-on experience:

  • Delve into real-world editing scenarios from basic contrast corrections and color adjustments using Adjustment Layers and Camera Raw, to advanced retouching techniques to remove undesired elements.
  • Create captivating shapes, write and