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In the digital universe


My creative journey took me into the digital space in early 2021, where I not only showcased my artworks on platforms like and but also sold them with considerable success. An NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a unique digital asset on the blockchain that certifies the originality and ownership of a work of art.

Purchasing my NFTs offers a unique opportunity to acquire my works as digital files, as I otherwise I only sell fine art prints. Although only two of my NFTs are currently available, these collections invite you to browse and discover.

If you are interested in a specific work that is not currently available as an NFT, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can make the desired work available as an NFT and after purchase you will receive the original file. This way you can own a very personal piece of my digital art. Collection Midwinter Dreams by Kathrin Federer

A fine selection of my best creations.

Only two left available. No more planned.

OpenSea Collection soldOUT.jpg


Kathrin Federer verified on OpenSea

The Black & White collection is sold out. Please check secondary market.


The ultimate masterpiece. Poignant, fascinating and impressive.

nft mockup-min.jpg

On Demand

You want one of my works as NFT, which is not one yet?

Ask me!

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