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Kathrin Federer

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Kathrin Federer  – The Artist

Artist Profile


Kathrin Federer, a visual artist living near Zurich, has made a remarkable career in the world of creation. Originally coming from an abstract painting background, her artistic journey took a transformative turn in 2017 with the discovery of Photoshop. This tool allowed her to translate her visions into unique digital creations, leading to her rapid success.


Even as a child, Kathrin was very creative and drew a lot. From 2001 to 2004, she was already active in abstract art and was able to exhibit her pictures on the Art Fair "Kunst auf dem Wasser" in Zurich. She always had lots of ideas in her head and was looking for a connection to technology. This led her to study communication and media design, fulfilling a dream and realizing that this was her path. Although she appreciates craftsmanship, she sees herself more as a technical person. Alongside her acclaimed artistic career, Kathrin works as a freelance communication designer for various companies. Although this aspect of her professional life is less prominent, she uses her good eye for design in various media.

Artistic approach & Techniques
Kathrin has mastered the art of blending different elements. She uses professional design software, mainly Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe products, complemented by Luminar NEO and other tools and plug-ins. Her creative process begins with an idea forming in her mind and mentally working out the final image before she begins the actual design, much like a painter envisioning a work before picking up the brush. Kathrin uses various sources for her compositions: her own photographs, vectors, 3D objects, parts of stock images or even AI-generated elements from time to time. The trick is to combine these parts into a coherent whole that reflects her original vision. Another approach is to photograph simple scenes with their cell phone, such as a meadow or a house. These images are starting points and serve as inspiration or components for a larger, comprehensive composition.

This careful selection and integration of elements is done in perfect harmony with her artistic vision and imagination. The result is a composition that bears Kathrin's unique signature and is refined to perfection.

Style and Inspiration
Her work is characterized by cleanliness and clarity, reflecting her personal style. Unlike a classic photographer, whose creations often arise from the moment, Kathrin visualizes her ideas in her head first. When she takes photographs, she is not in search of the perfect image, but sees the shot as part of a larger creation that is yet to come. Her creations are an expression of her inner vision and reflect her approach where every element is carefully chosen to create a clean, minimal yet expressive composition.

Kathrin's captivating work has led to collaborations with major companies and her artwork is regularly exhibited. She is a sought-after artist for commissions, and her unique creations offer a personal touch of artistry to those who desire a piece of their own. Her style is characterized by minimalism, nature, humor, clean presentation and unique compositions. This, coupled with a meticulous attention to detail and perfectionism, characterizes each of her works.

Sources of Inspiration
Her inspiration ranges from everyday subjects and images to her vivid imagination. Even a simple object such as sheep grazing in a pasture can trigger an idea that develops into a dreamlike scenario. Kathrin's works reflect a part of her soul, conveying calm and serenity through her minimalist creations, offering a break from the fast-paced modern world.

Technological passion
Kathrin's love of technology is a lifelong passion. Even as a child, she enjoyed tinkering with mechanical toys, building intricate models with construction sets and examining the natural world with microscopes. Instead of playing with traditional toys, she found joy in exploring the world through the lens of science and technology. So it's no surprise that she is passionate about exploring new technologies, especially artificial intelligence (AI), and how they can intersect with the world of art, graphic and web design, marketing and communication. Kathrin sees AI as a powerful source of inspiration, a useful tool and a time optimizer in various life situations. However, she always uses it with a watchful eye, knowing that AI cannot replace the human touch, creativity and ingenuity that make up her artistic expression. This realization has led her to continue to focus on creating art that reflects her unique vision and mastery of her craft, while maintaining a conscious balance between technological innovation and human creativity.

Authenticity and Creativity
By maintaining complete control over every detail, Kathrin ensures that her art remains an authentic expression of her vision that machines can never truly replicate. Her works embody her creative vision and artistic mastery, offering the viewer a captivating and moving art experience. This personal award is a powerful reminder of human mastery in art and underscores the inspiring role AI can play without overshadowing the importance of human creativity and ingenuity.

Workshops and Artist Mentoring
Having studied communication design and trained as an educator, it's hardly surprising that Kathrin passes on her skills in her popular workshops. She takes great pleasure in empowering others to develop and realize their visions. This teaching activity is a further expression of her passion for art and technology.

Passion for Sport and Travel
Outside of her creative work, Kathrin balances her passion for technology with her love of sport and travel. She is always willing to try new things, whether it's a new sport or visiting an unfamiliar destination. In addition, she offers photo trips where she shares her enthusiasm for photography and the beauty of Switzerland. These trips complete the circle of her activities: She educates people, shows them her country and combines this with her passion for art and technology. Her pursuit of perfection and her creative spirit are not limited to her art, but permeate every aspect of her life, making Kathrin Federer synonymous with artistic excellence and creative development. Her art is not just a form of expression, but a journey and a testament to her unyielding commitment to her craft.

Characterized by continuous evolution and refinement, her art maintains a distinctive, distinct style that transforms any environment with its profound visual impact.

In her Blog, Kathrin focuses on multiple aspects of art and creativity, providing insights into her processes and covering topics such as image editing, digital creations, as well as tests and personal recommendations.

Past & Upcoming Events

09 June – 30 June 2024


In Zusammenarbeit mit der VHS-Nord. (Sprache: Deutsch)

Online-Kurs. Jetzt anmelden, nur wenige Plätze verfügbar!

Masterclass with Kathrin Federer


14 April – 05 May 2024


In Zusammenarbeit mit der VHS-Nord. (Sprache: Deutsch)

Online-Kurs. Jetzt anmelden, nur wenige Plätze verfügbar!

Masterclass with Kathrin Federer


31 October 2023


I had the fantastic opportunity to design the cover for the esteemed "Forum des 100" by Le Temps.

Kathrin Federer for Le Temps
Forum des 100 by Le Temps – Cover by Kathrin Federer

10–12 October 2023


Teaching Coach at The Creativity Conference.

Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC), California USA

September 13, 2023


The article is dedicated, among other things, to my work 'Arcadian Contrast'. Big thanks to Thorsten, the editor of FOTOPULS, who asked me for this article.

Article in the Fotopuls of

June 15 – November 15, 2023


Free access – along the promenade of Lake Annecy, French Alps near Geneva and Chamonix Mont Blanc

French Annecy Lake Photo Exhibition

19–20–21 May 2023

Galerie Joseph Le Palais, Paris

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