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Kathrin Federer

Digital Artist

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Kathrin Federer  – The Artist

Artist Profile

Kathrin Federer creates astonishing works of art that immerse viewers in unique imaginary worlds. Through the lens of her vivid imagination, she captures deeply personal moments, drawing inspiration from minimalism, nature, and her fine sense of humor. Kat‘s creations transport audiences to dreamlike, surreal places that reflect her character and pursuit of perfection.

For her work, Kat utilizes various Adobe Software, primarily Photoshop and Illustrator, along with plugins such as Luminar NEO and The Pro Panel. She skillfully combines photographs, 3D objects, vectors, and other self-created digital assets to bring her artistic vision to life.

Having now also spent many months using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate images, contemplating its possibilities, and experimenting extensively, Kat has personally come to the conclusion that AI can be a powerful source of inspiration but cannot replace the human touch, creativity, and ingenuity that define her artistic expression. This realization has led her to continue to focus on creating art that reflects her unique vision and the mastery of her craft.

By maintaining complete control over every detail, Kat ensures that her art remains an authentic expression of her vision, one that machines can never truly replicate. This personal distinction is a powerful reminder of human mastery in art and underscores the valuable inspirational role AI can play without overshadowing the importance of human creativity and ingenuity.

Her existing works, available in her store, embody her creative vision and artistic mastery, independent of AI. These pieces showcase her unique perspective and talent, offering viewers captivating and touching art experiences.

In her new blog, Kat documents her AI experiments and insights, as well as her exploration of the limitations and potential of this technology. Open to new challenges and collaborations, Kat welcomes anyone who would like to discuss her work or AI with her.

Upcoming Events

19-20-21 May 2023

Galerie Joseph Le Palais, Paris

Kathrin Federer represented by IMAGENATION PARIS 2023
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