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Add a touch of elegance to your photos and transform them into stylish fine art photography

Experience the elegant world of long exposures and transform your photos into timeless works of art! With my exclusive Long Exposure overlays you can give your images a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere that is particularly valued in the field of fine art photography. Whether you are a professional photographer, digital artist or ambitious hobbyist - this overlay pack offers you the perfect tools to bring your creative visions to life.

Diverse selection

This pack contains 20 exquisite long exposure overlays in different variations, all with a resolution of at least 6000 x 4000 pixels. The high-quality PNG files allow for effortless integration and customization in all programs that support layers.

Unlimited creativity

Scale, rotate, mask and combine the overlays as you wish. Advanced users can further modify, distort, tilt, color or add additional filters to the overlays in programs such as Photoshop. Play with the intensity by adjusting the opacity. There are no limits to your creativity!

Unique application possibilities

The long exposure overlays are perfect for fine art photography and can be used in various creative projects. The high-resolution files are also suitable for full formats.

Easy handling and individual customization options

The long exposure overlays are straightforward and user-friendly to use. The PNG files with transparent backgrounds can be placed on your images with just a few clicks, allowing them to blend seamlessly into your compositions. By simply applying these overlays, you can optimize your workflow and quickly achieve impressive results without sacrificing individuality.


These long exposure overlays are designed to overlay neutral backgrounds, particularly skies, to simulate the characteristic long exposure effect. If your photo already has a cloudy sky, you should first replace the sky with a neutral color or a neutral sky to achieve optimal results. Even better suited is an appropriate gradient.

For the best results in programs like Photoshop, try experimenting with different color gradients, interruptions, and opacities. This allows you to seamlessly integrate the overlays into your composition and achieve impressive effects.


  •  20 high-resolution long exposure overlays
  •  PNG files with transparent background
  •  At least 6000 x 4000 pixel resolution
  •  Versatile customization options
  •  Compatible with various software applications that support layers

Immerse yourself in the world of elegant long exposures and give your photos a particularly stylish atmosphere with this overlay pack!

  • Terms of Use

    You can use those brushes both non-commercially and commercially. No  attribution is required. However, you may not sell or transfer them.

  • Note

    Upon  purchase you will receive a link to download a ZIP folder. To access  your purchased files, you will need to unzip the folder. If you  encounter any issues while unzipping the file, an updated unzipping  software could be helpful. Here are some suggestions:

    • WinZip: A popular choice for Windows computers.
    • 7-Zip: A free and open source option for Windows users.
    • The Unarchiver: A good choice for macOS users.
    • Unzip: A simple and effective option for Linux users.