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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the myriad challenges of building your creative career?

Do you wish you had a mentor by your side to support you?


As an experienced artist, I have not only overcome creative barriers but also gained profound experience in business models, marketing, e-commerce, and branding. I understand the complexity of questions that arise at the beginning of a creative and business journey and know the value of expert guidance. That's why I now offer my knowledge and experience to support and guide you on your path – whether it involves artistic development, marketing, portfolio reviews, or building your own brand.

Short Consultation | Book a Call

In-Depth Consultation | Book an Appointment

Individual Project Implementation

Feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks required to advance your creative project or business?

Don't have time to do it all yourself?


Contact me for a tailored proposal and let's bring your creative dreams to life together.

In addition to consultation, I also offer direct implementation services. Whether it's designing a logo, building a website, setting up an e-commerce system, or initiating collaborations – I can assist you in successfully realizing these projects. As each project is unique, costs will vary based on specific requirements.

For this offer, please contact me directly.

I look forward to turning your visions into reality together.

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