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Lightroom Mobile Workshop with Kathrin Federer Product Cover

Lightroom Mobile for everyone (DE/EN)

Lightroom Mobile Course for Beginners and Advanced Users

Discover the world of mobile photography and image editing in my Lightroom Mobile Course. This course is designed for both beginners and advanced users and covers editing on both mobile and desktop. An internet connection is required. Lightroom Mobile must be installed and up-to-date on both your mobile device and desktop.

What You Will Learn:

  • Handling RAW photos
  • Importing images into Lightroom
  • Editing photos: Exposure, Contrast, and Color
  • How to Sharpen photos effortlessly
  • Proper Cropping, Straightening, and dealing with Distortions
  • Working with Masks
  • Creating Effects: Vignette, Depth-Map
  • Handling Presets and LUTs - creating your own presets
  • Organizing photos
  • Creating Before/After videos directly in Lightroom
  • Exporting/Sharing images for different purposes
  • Syncing with Lightroom Mobile on Desktop

Course Highlights: In this packed session, I not only share my extensive experience and expertise but also my personal tips and tricks to help you transform your photographic visions into real artworks. Don't miss this unique opportunity to enter a world full of creative possibilities! Register now and invest in your creative potential.

Duration: 2 Hours

Date: By arrangement

Course Language: German or English

Personalized Attention and Language Options: This workshop offers you a personal learning environment as it is designed for one-on-one instruction - you are the only participant. This allows for individual attention and a tailored learning path that is precisely adapted to your needs and questions. Additionally, you have the option to book the workshop in either German or English, depending on your language preference. With this personalized and linguistically flexible support, I ensure that you get the most out of your learning time.

Venue: Online via Google Meet or Zoom

  • Booking and next steps

    After purchasing this course, you will receive a PDF with the workshop details and how to proceed. The course must be completed within one year of the purchase date.

  • Cancellation Policy

    The booking of this course is final and non-refundable. A refund is only possible on presentation of a medical certificate due to serious events such as illness or accident. By booking you accept these conditions.

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