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Creativity meets Efficiency: AI as a Presentation Turbo

In the fast-paced world of creativity, time is a precious commodity. With this post I would like to show how AI image generation helps me present my visual assets - LUTs, skies, overlays, presets, backgrounds and more - more quickly and effectively, which is a huge time saving brings itself.

I offer a variety of creative assets in my shop. Here are a few:

Integrating AI into my creative process

AI technology has enabled me to present my products in a new light more efficiently. The importance of a good product preview is undisputed, especially when it comes to digital assets. Through AI I create images that correspond exactly to my ideas.

Here comes one of my WILD FOREST LUTs for use. I generated the woman completely with AI (midjourney). Above: Before applying the LUT / Below: After applying the LUT.

The challenge in AI-supported image generation

One of the biggest challenges in using AI for image generation is creating the ideal base image that perfectly matches my assets. With cloud overlays that I create by hand in Photoshop, or reflections from Illustrator, the challenge is to generate an image that highlights the uniqueness of these assets.

It becomes particularly complex when using LUTs and presets (Look-up Tables) that cause image toning, light changes or color grading. It requires a deep understanding of how a LUT works to ensure that the base image best showcases the effects of the LUT. This requires not only a good knowledge of Midjourney promting, but also a strong understanding of how the various assets are best applied technically.

It is an ongoing process of experimentation and adjustment to ensure that the AI-generated images present the assets at their best and adequately reflect their quality and creativity.

Increasing efficiency through AI

By using AI image generation, I have experienced a significant increase in efficiency in the presentation of my products. Almost AI as a presentation turbo. Not only does this save time, but it also allows me to focus on developing new creative ideas.

top view of pumpkin soup with goat cheese on the top and bread on the table, in the style of texture-rich canvases, light indigo and dark black, dark yellow and orange, rtx on, marble, exotic, smooth lines

These pictures demonstrate how my AUTUMN LEAVES MAGIC OVERLAYS can change the appearance of a photo.

The freedom of creativity

AI image generation offers me the freedom to create visual representations exactly the way I want. This increases the quality of my product presentations and helps me to implement my creative vision more precisely, just as I would like to present my assets.

The importance of AI as a support tool

AI does not replace human creativity, but serves as a powerful tool that supports and complements my technical skills. It opens up new ways to realize artistic visions more efficiently.

Final Thoughts

AI image generation is a game-changer in the way I present my products. It allows me to present my creative resources in an appealing way while saving valuable time.

Here’s another tip

In this tutorial I'll show you how quickly and easily you can create a before/after GIF in Photoshop. If you make a Photoshop Action out of it, in the future it will take Photoshop under a second!


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