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Luminar NEO Fall Updates and Skylum's AI Journey: What's Next?

Here's what's on Skylum's Luminar NEO roadmap.

The photo editing software landscape is constantly evolving, with tools, techniques and innovations being released at a rapid pace. One such name that is again heralding some new things in this area is Luminar Neo. The recent fall updates and planned release of new features are highly anticipated by many in the industry.

In this blog post, I'll show you what's on the roadmap for the short term. And for a visual treat, check out the video embedded below of me personally testing the beta version of Luminar Neo's new feature with it's first release (August 31st) of the Fall Updates series: Studio Light.

Studio Light (the first release of the Luminar Neo Fall Updates on Aug 31st):

A creative tool for portrait photographers and artists that faithfully replicate lightning effects usually achieved with expensive technical equipment in the studio (or with a bit of work in Photoshop) and breathes new life into older photos. With Studio Light, creators can easily add a whole new dimension to portrait photos.

More upcoming features in Skylum's Luminar Neo

GenErase: (what we already know from Photoshop Beta)

An advanced Erase tool that removes distractions and replaces them using content-aware technology, maintaining composition integrity.

It will be exciting to then compare this with the one in Photoshop Beta.

Luminar NEO GenErase

SceneExpand: (what we already know from Photoshop Beta)

Expands photos, not only for panoramic landscapes, but also for creative compositions.

Again, I'm curious to see how this feature compares to Photoshop Beta.

Luminar NEO SceneExpand

SceneSwap: (what we already know from Photoshop Beta)

Replace elements like the sky or foreground with AI-generated imagery. Turn murky skies into stunning sunsets or swap murky water for crystal clear azure or add objects to a photo.

Whether this function is better than the one we know from Photoshop Beta with "Generative Fill"? We will see.

Luminar NEO Scene Swap

Water Enhancer:

Enhance and improve the colors of waters in landscapes for greater visual impact in water scenes.

Luminar NEO Water Enhancer

Neon & Glow:

Add captivating glow lighting effects to images. Seamlessly integrate eye-catching neon elements for creative excitement and effects.

Luminar NEO Neon and Glow

Luminar Neo has also tweaked its subscription model, offering new structures and a special promotion period. If you don't have Luminar Neo yet or you want to benefit from the new features, you have to consider the following:

New Users:

Per monthly subscription: 11.95 €/$

Per 12 months: 79 €/$ instead of 99 €/$

Per 24 months: 119 €/$ instead of 159 €/$

Lifetime: 199 €/$ statt 259 €/$

This includes Extensions (8 as of now), new non-generative features released by August 16 of next year (2024) and access to generative AI features till the same date. To continue receiving new features and accesss to generative AI features, new customers will have to purchase the next Season Pass in 2024.

Existing Subscribers (all plans)

You have full access to all new features during your subscription period

Existing Lifetime Users:

You need the 2023/2024 Creative Journey Pass for €/$ 39 instead of €/$ 79.

** Existing Lifetime Owners need the Creative Journey Pass to receive new updates.

Existing Lifetime Owners can alternatively switch to a Pro-Subscription: 39 €/$ instead of 89 €/$ (by switching you ensure that you'll get the new updates)


►►► EARLY BIRD offers for the updates only from Aug 16 - 27 ◄◄◄

For an additional discount use my code: KF10


A Personal Note:

Exclusively on the Skylum Marketplace, you can now find some of my special creations that are not available anywhere else. I've put in considerable effort into curating these resources, and I hope they elevate your photography projects and art projects to new heights!

Skylum Ambassador Kathrin Federer

And this is just the beginning! Stay tuned, as there are many more exciting things lined up in the coming months.


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