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Welcome to my AI art blog! Here I share my experiences and insights gained during my now almost year-long exploration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the artistic realm. This blog focuses on how I use AI as a supporting tool around my work or as a source of inspiration for my art, without using it directly in my creations. 

In my posts, you'll find fascinating insights into my creative processes and experiments as I explore the limits and possibilities of AI. In the process, I show how AI inspires me and opens up new perspectives and possibilities, but without compromising my artistic identity.

I am open to new challenges and collaborations and invite anyone interested in AI and its impact on the art world to join the discussion.

For more information about me and my artistic vision, please visit my "About" page. Join me on this exciting journey of exploring the possibilities of AI around my art, without losing or compromising the distinctiveness of my own work.

I would like to clarify that all images showcased in this blog were generated by me using AI technology and are protected by copyright laws. This applies to all other artworks and images I have created as well. Any unauthorized use of my work will be subject to legal action.

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