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Master the Art of Photo Editing with powerful LUTs like a Pro!

A comprehensive tutorial and introduction to LUT packages.

Photo editing is an art form that beautifully combines creativity and technology. As an artist, my goal is not just to capture moments, but to transform them into visual narratives with their own mood and style. Today I'd like to share one of my favorite tools in digital photo editing - Lookup Tables or LUTs.

LUTs are like advanced Instagram filters that offer full control to drastically change appearance mood of photos.

LUTs, often underrated in photo editing, are powerful tools that can bring your images to life. They're like advanced Instagram filters that give you more control to change the look and mood of your photos.... Each LUT is a preset color correction that can drastically change the mood and aesthetic of your photo with just one click. Imagine being able to apply the gradient of a bright, sunny morning or a dramatic, gloomy sunset to your photos - that's what LUTs can do for you!

Step-by-step guide: installing and using LUTs in your photo editing workflow.

To help you understand, I've created a short YouTube tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to install and use LUTs in Adobe Photoshop and Luminar Neo. Luminar Neo goes one step further with its group install feature: you can hover over individual LUTs and get an instant preview. I'm sure you'll appreciate this new feature as much as I do.

To make it even easier for you, I've put together a series of premium LUT packages that you can buy in my online store. Each package contains LUTs for different moods, themes, and genres. They're the same LUTs I use in my own work, and I'm happy to share them with you.

Vorschau der Premium LUTs aus dem BLACK TONES Pack

Exclusive Offer:

3 for 2 on all LUTs!

Take the advantage of this fantastic opportunity now and get 3 LUTs for price of 2!

Discount Code: LUTS-3-4-2-YT

Fine Art Long Exposure Skies - New in my store!

Last but not least, I'd like to give you a sneak peek at my new product - a set of fine art skies with long exposure effect. If you've admired the stunning skies in my work, you'll love this set. With these skies, you can easily add a spectacular fine art touch to your photos and create a mood that is truly out of this world.

20 High Res Long Exposure Fine Art Sky Pack

In the course of my creative work, I created these skies and am happy to share them exclusively with you.

Harness the power of LUTs and these artistic sky images and take your photo editing to a new level. Let's create something magical together!


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