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Transform your sky into an ethereal masterpiece – with just a few clicks! 


THE LENTICULARIS SOFTNESS SKIES COLLECTION is your ultimate sky pack, meticulously curated to transform your photographic and artistic creations into natural wonders. Whether you're a photographer, digital artist, or a sky enthusiast, this pack takes your creations to the next level!


Diverse Range
This unique set offers you 65 breathtaking skies featuring Lenticularis clouds, varying in shape, light, and color. From dream-like surreal worlds to dramatic weather phenomena, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Choose the ideal sky to match your mood thanks to varied color grading.


All skies are available in a high-resolution quality of over 5000 pixels on the long edge and 300 DPI, making them perfect for any project—from social media posts to large-format prints.


Endless Customization
Scale, rotate, and flip the skies to perfectly adapt them to your composition. Adjustments to color and light are also seamlessly possible.


Ever tried applying LUTs to a sky before incorporating it into your composition? That's precisely what I did for the product image, using one of my Black Tones LUTs.


Don't forget to maintain a cohesive composition by harmonizing the individual elements of your photo. The easiest way to do this is by using the 'Harmonization' Neural Filter in Photoshop. You can make additional adjustments with correction layers.



  • 65 Unique Lenticularis Skies
  • High-resolution quality with over 5000 px on the long edge
  • Universal software compatibility
  • Easy-to-use and customizable


Unleash your creativity to new heights and infuse your works with a unique atmosphere using THE LENTICULARIS SOFTNESS SKIES COLLECTION!

  • Terms of Use

    You can use these skies both non-commercially and commercially. No attribution is required. However, you may not sell or transfer them.

  • Guide to Sky Replacement

    For Photoshop:

    • Open your photo in which you want to replace the sky in Photoshop.
    • Navigate to Edit > Sky Replacement.
    • In the new panel that appears, click the arrow next to the thumbnail of the current sky.
    • A new window will appear. In the bottom right corner, you'll see a `+` icon. Click on it.
    • Navigate to the folder where you've stored my sky images and select the one you want to use.
    • Click Open and you can use the new sky in your work.

    For Luminar Neo:

    • Open your photo in which you want to replace the sky in Luminar Neo.
    • Go to the Edit tab and then go to the Sky Panel.
    • Click on “Sky Selection”. A drop-down menu appears under "All Skies."
    • Choose `Show Custom Sky Folder`. A folder in the file explorer will open.
    • Copy the new skies into this folder. They will then appear in the dropdown under "Custom".

      Alternatively, you can copy the entire sky folder to this location: C:\Program Files\Skylum\LuminarNeo\profiles\SkyTextures. This way, the skies are organized and will appear like the default skies.
  • Note

    After purchasing you will receive a link to download a ZIP folder. To access your purchased files, you must unzip the folder. If you have difficulty unzipping the file, current unzipping software could be helpful. Here are some suggestions:

    • WinZip: A popular option for Windows computers.
    • 7-Zip: A free and open source option for Windows users.
    • The Unarchiver: A good choice for macOS users.
    • Unzip: A simple and effective option for Linux users.
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