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Illustrations that transfer human emotions and character traits to animals.

Animals with personalities.

Heartfelt illustrations are an important part of many children's books and help create a magical world of adventure and friendship. One of the most famous examples of heartfelt illustrations is the work of British author and illustrator Beatrix Potter.

Kinderbuchillustration von britischen Autorin und Illustratorin Beatrix Potter.
Illustration by Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter's illustrations are characterized by an incredible attention to detail. Each brushstroke has been carefully executed to capture the distinctive features of each animal that appears in her books. Her animals are so lifelike that you feel like you could pet them from the pages of the books.

Another feature of Beatrix Potter's illustrations is her ability to transfer human emotions and character traits to animals. Her animals have personalities of their own, expressed through their postures and facial expressions.

These peculiarities touch me and made me want to take a shot at creating something of my own. The results are quite impressive, but unfortunately unusable in detail. On closer inspection, you can see that the paws in particular are far from perfect. The base for these creations was the AI model version 4 of Midjourney.

Rabbits are not only cute and cute, but also very versatile in their representation. They can be drawn in different poses and are perfect for emotional representations such as joy, sadness and fear. The delicate bunnies are also ideal for stories with moral values, as they teach children that friendship, helpfulness and cohesion are important values in life.

Bunny in student clothes created with AI
Bunny in student clothes created with AI, lightly edited in Photoshop

An important aspect of cute illustrations with bunnies is the choice of colors. Pastel colors like pinks, blues, and greens create a soft, warm atmosphere that is perfect for children's books. Color choices can also help convey certain emotions - for example, a dark green can add excitement to an adventure story, while a light blue can create a calm scene.

Kids Book Illustration created with AI by Kathrin Federer
Generated within 2 minutes – will illustrators will become superfluous? A worrying and sad thought.

In the near future, AI will improve the results even more. At the moment, about half of the renderings seem usable to me. Of course, it is still possible to edit the AI images extensively in Photoshop, but then the time factor seems more important to me after all and I would opt for a montage in Photoshop from the start, precisely because I have more control in the creation and the quality of the final result is definitely much higher.

Cute, fluffy mouse with wollen Sweater
Sweater Mice. Each AI prompt generates four suggestions and in repetition others.

The possibilities indeed seem almost unlimited, but they are not yet optimally applicable in detail, especially if the time factor plays an important role and one does not want to constantly "re-prompt" or use Photoshop.

Do you like this kind of illustrations from the idea? Do you even have a favorite book or illustration? What do you think about cute illustrations in general?

Share a thought in the comments.


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