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Cats with hat: Cute Kittens show their animal fashion taste.

Updated: Jun 4

An ode to animal fashion taste: why we love cats with different hats.

Kätzchen präsentieren verschiedene Hüte.
The right hat for every occasion: hat fashion for kittens. 😂

Cats have been faithful companions of man for centuries and have exerted a special fascination on us. Their independent nature and unique personalities have inspired us and made us love and appreciate them.

Although I don't keep a cat myself and would never want to own one, cats are a great inspiration for my digital creations.

As an artist, I am inspired by various elements, such as nature, art history, circumstances and even cats.

Although I do not own a cat myself, I am always fascinated by the unique personality and special qualities of these animals. They are independent, but also loving and loyal, and they have a special ability to calm and comfort us. I think this is also why so many people love cats and why they are an important inspiration for many of us.

For whatever reason, I think animals in dresses are especially cute. But not for live animals, but in drawings and illustrations. Accordingly, I could not resist generating my visions in this regard with AI. In principle, the series is conceivable with any kind of hat. I limited it to pom-pom hats, cowboy and wagon wheel hats for these creations. But in principle, anything is possible.

The results are still promising, but there is room for improvement.

The results are still more like a draft than a finished creation, but the beginnings are certainly recognizable. In other words, they can be expanded. We will see.

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