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My first Children's Cookbook with AI: A magical journey with two creative partners

Artificial intelligence, individual creativity and talent combined in a children's cookbook.

Children's cookbook created with the help of AI.

Not all of us have to be a culinary wizard or a gifted illustrator to create our own cookbook. And yes, you read that right! I just finished my first children's cookbook with AI on behalf of a dear mommy and it was a very exciting experience.

ChatGPT and Midjourney helped a lot!

In this process, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with ChatGPT to develop kid-friendly and tasty recipes. But what would a cookbook be without attractive illustrations? I worked with Midjourney to create beautiful illustrations that bring the book to life. By the way, the prompt template I developed and then used to create these illustrations is available here.

And what did I contribute? The layout! I designed the book myself, which gives it a very special, personal touch and fits perfectly with the theme. That was really cool!


"The layout was my very own playground, allowing me to design the book in such a way that it radiates a warm and welcoming atmosphere - like a lazy afternoon in the kitchen cooking and baking together."


Children's cookbook created with the help of AI.

This project showcases the unique blend of AI, creativity, and the human touch to create something unique. If you're interested in designing your own cookbook or illustrating your children's stories, I'd love to hear from you!


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