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Immerse your imagery in a touch of elegance – with the brand-new "Photoshop Brushes for Inspiring Clouds"!


This brush set is your portal to a realm filled with the delicate allure and sophistication of clouds. Whether you are a seasoned photographer, digital artist, or a hobbyist, this set, offering 50 different brushes, is the impeccable tool to infuse your artworks with a classy and inspiring note!


Versatile Brush Selection

Uncover 50 unique brushes, each crafted to deliver the finest details and the most realistic cloud representations. With this abundance of options, craft cloud effects in your images more authentically and individually than ever before, and enrich the ambiance of your works!


Direct Customization Options

With these Photoshop brushes, you can select the size, opacity, and of course, the toning right during the application to achieve the perfect result. Work on separate layers to combine brushes, mask layers, adjust opacity, or delve into additional customization options like distorting or adding filters (e.g. Path Blur for a long exposure effect). The result: A unique finish!


Compatibility and Installation

The ABR file comes as a ZIP archive. Simply unzip the file after downloading, and with a double click on the extracted ABR file, the brushes are quickly and easily installed in Photoshop. You will find them in the brush panel.


No Photoshop?

Do you prefer working with overlays? No problem! The enchanting cloud effects are also available as overlays! These offer an additional dimension of creativity and are an excellent supplement or alternative to the Photoshop brushes.




  • 50 different cloud brushes
  • Easy installation and application in Photoshop
  • Compatible with various Photoshop versions and multilingual


Explore the boundless possibilities of enchanting cloud realms and transform your artworks into awe-inspiring masterpieces!

  • Terms of Use

    You can use these brushes both non-commercially and commercially. No attribution is required. However, you may not sell or transfer them.

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