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The sky is full of life - capture the movement and the moment with my bird silhouettes! 


Add a touch of nature to your photos and embellish them with my Lovely Birds Overlays. These handmade overlays are more than simple graphics - they're an invitation to unleash your artistic skills and transform your images into unique works of art. 


With 40 stylized bird silhouettes, I offer you an exclusive selection. While most of these overlays offer clear, sharp outlines, I've also created some specifically with soft edges. These are perfect to use in blurred backgrounds or for images with shallow depth of field. 


Product Features:


  • 40 different overlays: a versatile selection of bird motifs, such as majestic eagles or small to very large flocks of birds.
  • High-resolution: Each overlay is designed in stunning quality to look flawless on even the largest canvases or prints.
  • Transparent background: Effortless to insert into any photo without additional processing.
  • PNG format: Universally compatible with most image editors and apps that support layers.


Application of Overlays: 


  • Open your desired photo in an image editor or app that support layers.
  • Import or drag the selected "Lovely Birds Overlay" as a new layer into your project.
  • Position and scale the overlay as desired on your photo.
  • If necessary, adjust the opacity of the overlay to blend it perfectly into your image.
  • To vary the black tone of the silhouette, you can use tools like the Selective Color Correction in Photoshop. This will allow you to adjust the tone of the silhouette and make it blend perfectly into your image.
  • To create a realistic water reflection of the birds, simply duplicate the overlay you've already inserted and flip it vertically. Adjust the opacity for a more subtle effect, and apply a motion blur filter and/or a  distortion filter using a Displacement Map to make the reflection appear even more authentic.
  • Of course, you can also use multiple overlays in a single project by applying them on separate layers.
  • Save or export, and you're done! 


With the "Lovely Birds Overlays" you'll not only add a touch of nature to your images, but also an extra layer of artistic depth that will captivate the viewer.

  • Terms of Use

    You can use these skies both non-commercially and commercially. No attribution is required. However, you may not sell or transfer them.

  • Note

    Upon purchase you will receive a link to download a ZIP folder. To access your purchased files, you will need to unzip the folder. If you encounter any issues while unzipping the file, an updated unzipping software could be helpful. Here are some suggestions:

    • WinZip: A popular choice for Windows computers.
    • 7-Zip: A free and open source option for Windows users.
    • The Unarchiver: A good choice for macOS users.
    • Unzip: A simple and effective option for Linux users.