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Let it Snow – Your Snowfall Generator for Photoshop (.PAT File)

Create your own winter landscapes with boundless creativity and precision! The Let it Snow Snowfall Generator for Photoshop turns everyone into a master of winter art. Specifically designed for photographers, digital artists, and all creatives, this Photoshop pattern pack is the ultimate solution for custom-tailored snowfall in your projects.


Infinite Customization Options

This .PAT file contains 100 individually designed snow patterns, which are nearly infinitely customizable within Photoshop's Pattern Panel. Change the scaling, density, and orientation of the snowflakes to create a truly unique winter experience.


Top-notch Quality

Just like no other, the Snowfall Generator offers the highest quality. The selection ranges from fine snowflakes to large snowflakes, including variants with depth of field and slight motion blur. Your options are limitless! You maintain full control over the resolution and can implement your adjustments in projects of any size – from social media posts to large-format prints.


Full Software Compatibility

This Snowfall Generator is, of course, fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Simply import the .PAT file and get started! Even simpler: Open Photoshop and double-click the downloaded

.PAT file. Create a pattern layer and easily change the blending mode to "Screen" and the wintry magic begins!


Fine-tuning to the Last Detail

With the Snowfall Generator, you have the option to create specific patterns for different areas of your image. You can tailor the snowfall around faces, objects, or landscape elements to achieve a realistic yet artistic look. You can mask the pattern layer or even add an additional motion blur filter.




  • 100 individually customizable Photoshop patterns (.PAT)
  • Nearly infinite customization options
  • Full control over resolution and scaling
  • Easy handling and individual customization options


Create your own winter landscapes and bring your creative visions to life with the Let it Snow Snowfall Generator for Photoshop!



You can even create rain! This works especially well with my finer snow patterns. Simply convert the finer snow pattern layer into a Smart Object (non-destructive, for future adjustments), navigate to "Filter," and select "Motion Blur." From there, you can adjust the strength and angle. Optionally, you can also adjust the layer's opacity. And just like that, your rain effect is complete!

  • Terms of Use

    You can use these patterns both non-commercially and commercially. No attribution is required. However, you may not sell or transfer them.