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Why Midjourney is my choice for AI image creation.

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Learn why Midjourney is the best choice for me for AI image creation, if required.

Damrak Reflection Amsterdam created with AI & Photoshop.
Damrak Reflection Amsterdam created with AI & Photoshop.

After extensive research and experimentation with various platforms, I selected Midjourney as my preferred AI image generation solution.

During my search, I tried several platforms and tools, including Leonardo AI, DALL-E, as well as apps like WOMBO Dream, Starryai, and a few more. Each of these solutions has its own strengths and weaknesses, but in the end I chose Midjourney because it best suited my needs.

Midjourney is an innovative platform for AI-based image creation that sets new standards in the digital art world. With impressive features and photorealistic results, Midjourney offers creative possibilities that can convince even critical users. It's a fascinating synergy of Artificial Intelligence and human creativity that, in my view, pushes the boundaries of traditional image editing and complements it with the power of AI.

Despite being somewhat cumbersome to use, where images are generated using prompts in Discord and it's easy to lose track of them in interminably long threads, the profile page on the Midjourney website offers a handy solution. There the generated images are displayed in a grid and you can filter, bookmark and of course download them.

offers the advantage that it is browser-based and thus provides a better overview. Here you can also train your own models and work with so-called "presets".

on the other hand, is great for quickly editing images and is an ideal complement to Photoshop. Its strength lies in content-based photo correction. Nevertheless, I found DALL-E not completely satisfactory as an AI generator for my purposes.

Apps, such as WOMBO Dream as Starryai

work similarly to Leonardo AI with some kind of presets. The results are remarkable, but not sufficient for the applications for which I want to use AI-based image generation.

At this point, all of these platforms offer a free version for use.



After thorough consideration and analysis of various AI-powered image creation tools, I have concluded that Midjourney is the best fit for my needs. The platform offers an impressive range of features and delivers high-quality, photo-realistic results that meet my needs.

I'm looking forward to furthering my experience with Midjourney and taking full advantage of the possibilities of AI-based image creation in my work. I'm excited to see what fascinating artistic discoveries await me on this journey.


The possibilities seem to be endless…

KI-generiertes Meisterwerk: Rinderfilet und Spargeln in professioneller Food-Fotografie-Qualität.
AI-generated masterpiece: beef tenderloin and asparagus in the most professional food photography quality.

I hope this post has given you some insight into my decision to use Midjourney as my preferred AI image creation platform. If you've had experiences with Midjourney or other similar platforms, I invite you to leave a comment and share your experiences and insights with me and the community. I look forward to hearing from you!

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