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The AI revolution: These latest AI news are absolutely crazy!

Exciting AI news from around the world!

Old TV on the floor in an abandoned building from which a tree grows with a breaking news screensaver on the screen, takeover by nature over technology

Yesterday saw groundbreaking announcements from big players like #Adobe, #Microsoft, #Google and more.

Here's a quick recap:

🎨 Adobe Firefly: A revolutionary AI-powered art platform that generates vectors, videos and 3D from text. The interface sets completely new standards in design.

🚀 Runway Gen-2: A new AI text/image-to-video generator that continues to push the boundaries of creative design. Also includes a pretty substantial number of other AI magic tools.

🖼️ Bing Create: A quick test shows that it delivers even better results than DALL-E 2!

📚 Google Bard: Currently the trial version is only available in UK and USA. An exciting AI-powered writing tool that creates texts that perfectly mimic human writing.

🎮 NVIDIA Announcement: Exciting new developments from a leader in graphics and AI technology.

#AdobeFirefly in particular has piqued my interest. I can't wait to test it extensively and share my experiences with you. Stay tuned for a full report!


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