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NEW! Exclusive Swiss Alps Tour

Here you can find out initial background information and details about the tour.

Swiss sights

Discover Switzerland: A trip like no other

Sometimes life takes us down paths we never dared to dream of, and that's exactly how the story of this extraordinary tour through Switzerland began. The idea came about when I was contacted by a big travel agency who gave me the idea of sharing my passion for this beautiful country with others. The question was simple: "Would you like to organize a tour?" My answer? An enthusiastic yes that became the beginning of an unforgettable adventure.

This Swiss Alpine tour is the product of my deepest appreciation and love for my homeland Switzerland, compiled from the places that I personally value most and that I know are not only interesting for tourists, but also exclusive and particularly attractive. From breathtaking Alpine panoramas to hidden gems that few know about, I have carefully selected each stop to bring you the quintessence of Swiss beauty.

Why a bus is the perfect choice

Tour midi bus

The idea of traveling by train was quickly discarded - lugging luggage seemed too cumbersome. Instead, the choice fell on a private bus. Not only does this eliminate the hassle of carrying luggage, we also gain the freedom to spontaneously stop in the most beautiful places. With an experienced driver at our side, our goal is to make the trip as pleasant and flexible as possible. Whether you want to enjoy half a day of summer skiing in Zermatt, stroll through boutiques or take part in a photo editing workshop to learn the art behind the perfect shots - there is something for everyone. The trip is designed to leave enough space for individual interests and spontaneous discoveries.

The number of participants is limited to 10 (5 couples and/or a mix of singles)

Zermatt Village

Individual moments and shared experiences

The idea behind this tour is simple: I want to offer a trip that both touches the soul and creates unforgettable memories. A journey that is more than just ticking off sights. It's about discovering Switzerland through the eyes of a local while nurturing your passion for amazing impressions, photography, travel and of course a bit of an adventure.

From breathtaking alpine landscapes to hidden gems and culinary delights, this tour is an invitation to experience the diversity and beauty of Switzerland in a very personal and intimate way. Join me and my co-host, experienced photographer Celeste Guidice, on this incomparable journey through the heart of Switzerland.

Practical information about starting the Swiss Alps Tour

We begin our adventure on Monday, September 2nd at 8 a.m. - centrally located in Zurich. The exact meeting point will be announced later, but it makes sense to arrive the day before so that you can start the tour in a relaxed manner. This preparation ensures that we can start a week full of discoveries and unforgettable experiences without rushing.

We can't wait to share this experience with you. Stay tuned for more details about our trip, travel preparation tips and insights into what awaits you on this extraordinary tour.

In the next Blog Post:

Discover our exclusive accommodation - where tradition meets comfort

In the next post in this blog series, we will take a detailed look at the carefully selected accommodation on our trip. I will not only show you what you can expect from the selected hotels and guesthouses, but also why I chose these places in particular to make your stay in Switzerland unforgettable. From Historic Resort Hotels that tell stories of times gone by to modern Eiger Lodges with breathtaking views of the Alps, each place has been chosen with the idea of offering you a unique and authentic Swiss experience.

So stay tuned, because in the next post we'll dive deeper into the world of Swiss hospitality and I'll tell you what makes the accommodation so special. It's a taste of what you can expect on this exclusive trip and I can't wait to share these secrets with you.

Hope to see you soon in Switzerland!


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